Wednesday, July 02, 2008

echo for SharePoint 2007 - Weekly Webinars

Every week, as part of my work with echoTechnology, I deliver a one hour online demonstration of some of echo for SharePoint's capabilities. It's very high-level and accessible and revolves around creating some tasks and showing how SharePoint can be updated easily and frequently.

The tasks I currently demonstrate include: loading content from a SharePoint 2003 portal and a file share, applying content type metadata, changing the master page and theme, adding some custom web parts, and enabling a custom workflow. All of these changes are deployed to several sites in two different SharePoint farms at the same time.

From the invite:

At the online demonstration you will discover how echo for SharePoint 2007:

  • Easily replicates changes to SharePoint in bulk
  • Automates change management procedures
  • Tests and deploys changes portal wide
  • Replicates to remote portals
  • Rapidly loads and tags documents
  • Delivers cost effective maintenance of SharePoint
  • Provides a longer lasting more relevant portal for your business

The webinars are every Thursday at 1pm PST. Sign up online at the echo website:

If you're a SharePoint Administrator you should definitely check it out. Hope to see you there!

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