Saturday, December 31, 2011

Project Server 2010: Bug When Creating PWA Project Sites after CU patches are Installed

We applied the latest Cumulative Updates to our SharePoint installation after doing some testing, and immediately ran into an error trying to create Project Server 2010 project sites.

Project Site Provisioning Settings (/pwa/_layouts/pwa/Admin/WorkspaceProvisioningSettings.aspx) had the default web app set appropriately and was set to auto-provision project sites (and this had been working for a year).

However when viewing the Project Sites from the Project Sites admin (/pwa/_layouts/pwa/Admin/ManageWSS.aspx) it showed there wasn't a Project Site.

When we tried to create the Project Site manually it said the site had already been created. The errror in the event log was as follows:

PSError: WSSCreateSiteFailure (16400) project server

After some testing I realized the error was being caused by some custom site templates we were using. They had been corrupted by the Cumulative Updates we had installed.

The fix is simple: I recreated the templates from the basic Microsoft Project Site template, resaved them into the PWA site collection’s Solutions Gallery, and can now auto-provision. I was also able to manually recreate the project sites for the projects that were missing them.

Hope that helps!