Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Webinar: Enhanced Productivity with SmartDocs, MS Word and SharePoint for Content Reuse

My colleague Ryan Merpaw is holding a webinar with ThirtySixSoftware, which produces SmartDocs product. This is a great product to help manage content reuse for collaboration and publishing scenarios. All the approved reusable content is hosted within SharePoint team sites and injected into Word when users are writing or reviewing content.

This free webinar covers Out-of-the-Box Content, Document, and Workflow Management with SmartDocs, MS Word and SharePoint

Register Here:
Thurs. June 27 @12:00 noon EDT:
Wed. July 17 @12:00 noon EDT:

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Choosing and Using Cloud Services with SharePoint

Here’s a copy of my presentation for the SharePoint Summit 2013 in Toronto. I spoke about tips and tricks for evaluating and managing cloud services with SharePoint, including some common gotchas and considerations.

Because it was such a wide-ranging topic I tried to anchor it with the story of StoneShare’s own journey to the cloud. I like to keep my presentations “real world” Smile

I hope this is of value to someone – please feel free to contact me on LinkedIn if you have any questions about it.