Monday, July 07, 2008

Amazon Simple Storage Service Analytics Add-On

ReadWriteWeb has a post on an Amazon Simple Storage Service S3 analytics add-on called Prism by the folks at SiSense.

It's in private beta right now but there is an invite code to the readers of the ReadWriteWeb blog. I've signed up to see how it can help me manage my Amazon S3 buckets.

Prism Viewer is a desktop installation that provides a Business Intelligence interface to view the S3 usage stats. The Amazon Analytics Dashboard is an additional file (Prism file: .psm) that lives inside the Prism Viewer and reports on your S3 buckets.

SiSense Amazon S3 Connect

Once you've entered your Amazon S3 connection information, you can start to create reports on its activity.

Unfortunately I can't synchronize my bucket's logs because an error occurs. It is a private beta but I'm disappointed I can't yet see my own statistics. For the moment here's a screenshot of their sample bucket to indicate what the tool will look like:

SiSense Amazon S3 File Display

I'll try again later and see how it works. Since I plan to store more and more information on S3 I definitely need this kind of reporting.

Amazon is starting to build a great ecosystem on top of its utility cloud computing platform, and software such as Prism, JungleDisk, TagCow, and DreamTeam Suite is the proof.

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