Thursday, June 21, 2007

More information about SharePoint Web Operating System (shall we call it "MOSS WOS"?):

Mary Jo Foley has posted about Microsoft using SharePoint as its Web 2.0 Hub...
The link is here. She mentions that Derek Burney, the general manager of SharePoint Platform and Tools, announced in a keynote speech at this week's Enterprise 2.0 Conference in Boston that Microsoft will be releasing 100 business applications on top of SharePoint within the next twelve months. Says her blog posting:
"[Microsoft's internal Field Center of Excellence] are using SharePoint as a base to build ‘no-code’ solutions - using 80-90% out of box SharePoint functions and for the remaining 10-20%, leveraging re-use components such as web parts,” a company spokeswoman clarified.

Speaking of Mary Jo Foley, check out this other blog article of hers: Steve Ballmer basically confirmed at a conference that SharePoint is "the definitive OS or platform for the middle tier"!

And here's Matt Asay posting on InfoWorld:

There's lots to think about here....My first impression is that positioning SharePoint as an OS is inspired because it simultaneously protects Microsoft's two cash cows by requiring Windows and Office licenses, and neatly straddles the current divide between software "on the desktop" (where Microsoft is strong) and software "in the cloud" (where Microsoft is much weaker). In the fairly near future we'll have pervasive internet connections and there won't be any divide at all, but in the short term this is a big step by Microsoft to compete with Google in the online software arena.

For SharePoint to work as an OS Microsoft needs to get compelling, rock-solid services and products on top of the SharePoint stack so companies and individuals face no barriers to adopting this end, witness its efforts to encourage open-source development on CodePlex which is already starting to produce some great additions to the SharePoint universe.

It sure feels like a tectonic shift in the web programming world is happening...the tricky part is seeing which way the ground's moving!


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