Saturday, June 16, 2007

If you're crawling case-sensitive URLs in your search catalog, such as an Apache-hosted intranet, you'll run into some strange errors. In your crawl log, you might see "Content for this URL is excluded by the server because a no-index attribute.". This implies that there is a no-index or no-follow metadata tag on the content, although there probably isn't. Further, the log will indicate the URLs as being all lower-case, when they aren't...

There is a Microsoft hot fix for this (SharePoint Hotfix, April 12 2007). The KB article is at Basically you have to call up Microsoft and ask for the download, which they will send you a link for.

Once you've installed the hotfix, go to your Shared Service provider(s)'s Search Settings. Reset all the crawled content and do a full crawl on your sources. Subsequently, the SharePoint crawler will pick up and crawl the URLs appropriately.

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