Monday, July 09, 2007

MOSS 2007 uses "mobile views" to provide built-in support for mobile devices. To view a site in mobile mode, use the following URL: http://URL/_layouts/mobile/default.aspx . There is also a shortcut URL you can enable: http://URL/m/. To enable it, run the following command on the SharePoint server: stsadm -o activatefeature -name MobilityRedirect -URL http://url/

As you can see, mobile mode is just an HTML view without anything fancy.

To simulate how SharePoint appears in a mobile device, you can use Visual Studio 2005's Device Emulator Manager and .ActiveSync.

First, I'm assuming Visual Studio 2005 is installed on your SharePoint (development) server. It contains the Device Emulator Manager. You can find this under "Tools". Next, you need to configure a mobile device's network settings. The easy way to do this is to install ActiveSync 4.5.

Once you've installed this, connect using Device Emulator Manager in VS2005. Simply right-click the device you want to emulate and click "Connect". Then "Cradle" the device. This prompts ActiveSync to start up and connect to the device. At this point networking will work and your device will be able to view the portal in its Internet Explorer browser.

If you have Check-in/Check-out enabled and want to modify document properties, you must first check out the document in the browser before trying to edit it in the mobile device. When you first check it out, make sure you leave the option "Use Local Drafts Folder" unchecked. At this point you can modify the properties in your mobile browser window.


  1. Hello,
    I'd like to integrate custom webpart for mobile view.
    Do u know how I'll can do it ?

  2. Nick,
    I am able to connect my Device Emulator to google and other internet sites from my VPC.
    But, interestingly, it does not connect to the sites created on the VPC on which the emulator itself is running.
    Is there something else that I am missing.

  3. Hi Neeraj, I don't know much about the Device Emulator I'm thing you could check is to make sure you don't have Windows Firewall running on your server as it can often mysteriously block calls.

  4. Hi Xavier, I'm afraid I haven't done anything like that before. I imagine you would modify the RenderWebPart method so that it spits out XHTML that a mobile device could understand. I would think that if you added that web part to the regular view the mobile people will see it too. Please let me know what you find.


  5. hello all,
    I am muthu, very new to mobile development. Can any one suggest how to work with RenderWebPart. Thanks.

  6. hello,
    Hi, i am monish & trying to learn MOSS 2007 for mobile development like architecture, forms, controls etc... Plz suggest me where will i get all the material..??

  7. Hi i am Santosh ,I have access PWA through device emulater manager but can't open my task pls help me?


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