Tuesday, July 20, 2010

SharePoint Workspace 2010 “exceeds the lookup column threshold”

While trying to sync to a SharePoint site using SharePoint Workspace 2010, you may bump into the following strange error: "The query cannot be completed because the number of lookup columns it contains exceeds the lookup column threshold"

This is due to SharePoint’s new resource throttling settings for managing large lists. There is an easy fix in Central Administration.

Go to Central Administration and then browse to Application Management > Manage Web Application.  Select the web application you need.

In General Settings choose Resource Throttling. Set the value in the List View Lookup Threshold textbox to a higher value (equal to or greater than the number of site columns you are using on the list where you saw the error).

I bumped into this with Workspace but this error may appear for other client applications / systems that use SharePoint 2010 as a platform, and are trying to lookup lists that have more site columns than the throttle setting.


  1. So have you considered why the threshold was put there? IF you haven't it is to protect the performance of your farm so that one list doesn't ruin the experience for everybody else. While I'm not against increasing this setting I think you need to think a bit more before you do it. This is a Web App setting so you are allowing everybody to start bounding your SQL server

  2. Look up column



  3. The AuthzInitializeContextFromSid API function call reads the tokenGroupsGlobalAndUniversal (TGGAU) attribute of the security identification number (SID) that is specified in the AuthzInitializeContextFromSid API function call to determine Windows group membership information for the current user.

    please explain this in next post..i have read it but couldnt understand it..

    thanks nick


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