Saturday, November 08, 2008

DevConnections in Las Vegas Next Week

I'll be in Las Vegas this week for the DevConnections / SharePoint Connections conference from Monday to Thursday, hosted at the Mandalay Bay resort and casino.

echoTechnology will have a booth set up so if you're around drop by the booth and please say hello!

As always I'll try to attend as many of the sessions as I can and blog about anything that might be helpful. And try to not to blow all my money on blackjack...

Speaking of events, and on a somewhat unrelated note, LinkedIn has started releasing 3rd party applications on its platform. At the moment there are eight apps including

  1. - to store and share files
  2. BlogLink - by SixApart, showing your blog posting and sharing your contact's
  3. Slideshare Presentations and Google Presentations - to showcase and share powerpoint slides
  4. Reading List by Amazon - to share your reading list with your contacts.
  5. My Travel - a neat app to share the events you'll be attending

Similar to the My Travel application, LinkedIn also added Events, which is a searchable directory of industry events, and the reason I'm mentioning LinkedIn in this post. DevConnections is listed and I've signed up as attending.

I love LinkedIn, and I'm glad they're improving their offering with utilities that genuinely add value and make the network seem more useful and personal. You can get a much better sense of who your connections are when you see their blog posts and share trip itineraries.

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