Friday, August 15, 2008

SharePoint World Record Dash!

In honour of the Beijing Olympic Games I thought I would create a new event, the SharePoint World Record Dash. The goal is to update a blank Team Site to include a whole new look, layout, and content, in the shortest possible time.

I'm using a preset echo for SharePoint batch to run the series of changes on one site, and Adobe Captivate to film the results - I awarded myself the broadcast rights :)

The changes are:

  1. Apply a new theme for the site (Obsidian)
  2. Remove the existing WSS Image Web Part
  3. Add an RSS Feed Viewer web part pointing to the BBC Sports news
  4. Add a custom link to the BBC website on the Links list
  5. Add a Content Editor web part with Wikipedia information

echo will use the SharePoint object model to make these changes, just as if I'd done them all by hand via the browser.

In this video I'm only updating one site but in my weekly webinars I show how easy it is to make identical changes in development, testing, production environments, on local or remote farms, and to multiple site collections and subsites.

Without further ado, here's the SharePoint World Record Dash video.

If you want to see the batches in more detail, feel free to sign up for one of our weekly webinars, every Thursday at 1 pm PST. You can sign up at

Hope you like this!

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